Monday, December 13, 2010

New Partnership with Blackboard Brings New Benefit to Student Users

December 13, 2010- Today ConnectEDU announced a new partnership with Blackboard.  As part of this partnership, we will be integrating our CoursEval Survey software with Blackboard's Learn platform to empower students to easily access and anonymously complete course evaluations.

This partnership is a natural step for both companies and one that will make the student online course management and evaluation process much more rewarding and simplified.

The key benefits of this partnership include:

1) Blackboard is to academic management as Facebook is to socializing for students.  ConnectEDU is now part of that academic management experience as we are now integrating with Blackboard to make completion of course evaluations a more streamlined and simplified process for students.

2) Blackboard is at the core of in-classroom activities and relationship management on college campuses.  ConnectEDU's solutions are at the core of managing all of the critical "out of the classroom" activities associated with student success, college completion, and career/graduate school matriculation.  This is a natural fit and integration of Blackboard and ConnectEDU's shared mission of streamlining and facilitating the intersection between students, professors and administrators.

3) ConnectEDU's CoursEval offering is the industry leader in collecting and reporting on student feedback regarding their courses and the professors teaching them.  At a time when there is a lot of discussion regarding teacher evaluations and student level feedback, it is important to provide a solution that utilizes a research driven approach to facilitating effective evaluations and assessments that are ultimately focused on helping instructors improve and develop professionally.

Every day we are working harder to bridge the gap, and this partnership underscores the type of relationships that just make sense.
We look forward to expanding our network to make additional smart partnerships like this in 2011!

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