Monday, September 27, 2010

NBC Education Summit Sure To Increase Decibel of Ed Reform Discussion

September 27, 2010 – I’m honored to be participating NBC’s two-day Education Nation Summit in New York City. “During the Summit, policymakers, educators, members of the business community, and engaged citizens will come together for a series of panel sessions on the challenges of America's education system, the success stories, and the solutions,” says NBC’s I anticipate good discussions and dialogue amongst the attendees relative to the issues facing the US Public Education System. Coupled with the timing of Waiting for ‘Superman’, the Summit is sure to drive awareness across the general population on “just how underperforming” we are.

ConnectEDU has long been focused on working with teachers, counselors and public school administrators to rationalize the high school completion and college preparedness process into an organized, logical process. This is a crucial first step to being able to assist with the prevention of these issues while empowering the practitioners that are on the front lines fighting these battles every day.

I remain hopeful that the Summit will facilitate a national recognition that “we have a problem”, which is just the first step. And in doing so, encourage all parties involved to embark on a collaborative effort to put the solutions to solve these problems into place.

Stay tuned, I’ll update you after the Summit on how I feel it went.

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