Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from ConnectEDU

November 25, 2009 - Besides quickly turning the dial when I hear ‘White Christmas’ playing on the radio, every year during this wonderful Thanksgiving week I find myself taking a breath to reflect. Not only to give thanks for the many things that I have been blessed with – good health, family, and friends but also my extended family at ConnectEDU that has once again provided me with the opportunity to look back at a year filled with “moving the needle”…

2009 has brought ConnectEDU some outstanding milestones: 1) a game changer in the application processing industry - SuperAPP, 2) a state-wide victory in our own back yard - Massachusetts, 3) continued growth of the ConnectEDU National Network™, and 4) the ConnectEDU team. What a year!

Our application processing solution – SuperAPP – became the industry’s first tool that allows a student to send a complete online application package to a college, in fact multiple applications – oh, and apply to 1,400 colleges simultaneously with only having to fill out one interview. For this exciting innovation which students, counselors, and colleges have long needed, I am thankful.

For winning the college and career planning portal contract in our own state of Massachusetts, I am thankful. We look forward to continuing to grow our partnership with MEFA, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Department of Higher Education as we help young people throughout Massachusetts maximize their college and career opportunities.

For continuing to grow our network of high schools and colleges so that students around the country have more opportunities and access to reliable and accurate tools and data, I am thankful. Our network now includes over 2 million users at over 2,200 high schools and 300 colleges.

For the folks at ConnectEDU that every day dedicate themselves to making the college and career planning process a better, more efficient process for students… for each of them, I am thankful. And for the addition of key senior leaders that have joined our senior team to make ConnectEDU a better place while accelerating our growth. For the ConnectEDU team, I am thankful!

So, while I will take some time this week to enjoy catching up with family and friends, and partake in my fair share of the Thanksgiving feast, I also will be reflecting on ConnectEDU’s progress in 2009 and looking forward to the goals and milestones that we have already laid out for 2010.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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