Monday, May 11, 2009

How's Business

May 9, 2009- I am often asked, “How’s business?” If I’m at a cocktail party…how’s business. If I am back home at my folks house…how’s business. Even if I’m in the barber’s chair…how’s business. Despite the state of the economy, I’ve been extremely fortunate over the past 7 years to be able to answer positively, usually with a quick anecdote.

During good economic times, I told the story about a Connect! parent, who used our technology for tutorials about financial aid options, which opened the door to allow his son to apply to a prestigious private college in the Northeast. When the economy faltered, I told the story of how a college partner recruited a student without having to spend the thousands of dollars executing their slick communication funnel. Either way, our business is always about putting families in the center of the solution to help them make better-informed decisions.

Recently, our local ABC affiliate asked how’s business. Even more specifically, they wanted to know how a web-based company like ConnectEDU is thriving in the midst of a national recession. Channel 5’s Chronicle news program featured ConnectEDU and the services we provide to high schools and colleges. For those of you who wonder what ConnectEDU does on a daily basis, the segment is a perfect summary of how we are solving a problem that challenges college applicants year after year.

In a time when budgets are being cut, staff is being reduced, and education leaders are seeking solutions to streamline their processes, ConnectEDU is finding its niche. While other major industries, such as banking, finance, travel, and hospitality, are turning to the internet to transform their business operations, high schools and colleges are now embracing web solutions to help their students.

Seven years ago we imagined a time when colleges would use the web to meet students they targeted with customized information. Seven years ago we imagined a time when student data would flow securely between education institutions to break the existing administrative barriers. The time is now and ConnectEDU is the solution helping make it possible, in good times and in bad.

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