Friday, February 27, 2009

And the Winner Is...

February 27, 2009- Clearly, we’re facing one of the worst economic situations of our time. Our young people are missing out on education. Our homeowners are losing their houses. Our troops are tucked in half a world away. And while I watch the news to see who is going to benefit from the stimulus package, I’m bombarded with reports of who will be voted worst dressed at the Oscars because her earrings were too big. Even though something’s wrong with this picture, you can’t deny that we love awards season.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good film just as much as the next guy – but something about the red carpet and the millionaires’ egregious poses for the paparazzi feels odd in a time of national crisis. But, the show must go on I guess.

So while I am less than enthusiastic about Oscar making his way into the hilltop mansions of southern California, I am excited to announce that award season has begun for ConnectEDU.

This week, the Software & Information Industry Association(SIIA) has announced finalists for the CODiE award to recognize excellence in the software and information industry. ConnectEDU’s comprehensive college and career planning solution - Connect! - is a finalist in two education categories in just our first year of being nominated!

True, we’re not sharing a bottle of Veuve with Branjelina, Leo, or Meryl – but we are in very, great company with fellow CODiE finalists including, Adobe, Schoolnet, and Pearson to name a few. Like the hundreds of entries this year, we are focused on technology and innovation that will positively impact the future; ways to make our lives easier; and progress for the next generation.

In the education space, we too work long hours on the set under glaring lights to build our networks, fine tune code, and QA our products. It’s our craft to make a difference in the lives of educators and students and these awards represent our accomplishments – yes, we too have amazing casts, crew and support folks.

We may not be as entertaining as The Dark Knight or the concept of growing younger, but nonetheless we’re doing our part to try and make the world a better place – and no matter which movie you starred in this year, that’s a tough act to follow.

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