Friday, January 23, 2009

Time for Change

January 23, 2009- Not the timeless 34-word oath. Not the chilly parade route. Not even the late-night ball hopping. Some moves remained steeped in tradition in Washington this week, others represented a time for change. The messages we all heard, whether it were from the mall, from our TV’s or streaming on the web, were a poignant indication of a new focus for the country.

With eyes on the capital, the nation ushered in a new era of change.

A changed economy; changed health care; changed educational system… change is in the air!

At ConnectEDU, we’ve been dedicated to “change” in the education space since our doors opened in 2002. Helping schools modernize and improve their methods of operation has been our mission and deploying technology to achieve this task has been our passion. This week has been particularly significant as the nation shifts its attention to our schools, and what we need to do collectively to help our students prosper, including investment in technology.

Education Week recently reported that “cash-strapped school districts could see an unprecedented $100 billion infusion of federal aid under a massive economic-stimulus package unveiled by House Democrats this week.” In those proposals, technology will play a major role in helping schools change the manner in which they service students and educate the next generation.

Schools in our network have already recognized the power of technology as an agent of change, cost-savings and efficiencies improvement. In fact, an eSchool News supplement, Money Matters, recently featured ConnectEDU as the #1 solution, out of ten featured, for school districts to pursue in an effort to save $. In the wake of a budget crisis, schools in our network are updating the way they help students map their high school and future plans. As the government looks to ensure accountability of our leaders and evaluate effectiveness of our programs, the schools choosing our technology are leading the way. They’ve learned that making even the simplest changes will help them do more with less. They’re cutting costs, streamlining inefficiencies, and making things better for our students.

Our schools are proud to have recognized that doing “business as usual” is no longer acceptable as they lead the wave of change!

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