Friday, November 21, 2008

Braving The Cold

November 21, 2008 - It was a busy night for a cold Monday in Boston. I thumbed through a photo album from mom; my room is now their office? I did some holiday window shopping; a vacuum or a set of knives? I paid some bills; who made a call to Ecuador? Then I got us some take out; Italian or Chinese?

And I did it all from my laptop while lounging comfortably on my bed. So I spilled marinara on the duvet. Type in Google “dry cleaners park plaza Boston.” Problem solved.

More and more aspects of our lives are being made easier with the Web. For a younger generation– they are simply growing up online and can’t imagine things being less convenient. I know, up hill in the snow with no shoes. But it’s true and their transition from high school to college is no exception.

The web has opened up a world of possibilities to students. I had never even heard of Brown University when I was growing up, let alone imagined I’d spend four years (sorry, make that five) there. Now students are using the web to search for colleges using individualized data to determine a best-fit. They are hearing about colleges for the first time because colleges are seeking them out – not because their dad’s second cousin went there in the 70’s.

Technology is changing the landscape of college admission. ConnectEDU is playing its part in bringing students the tools they need to explore. We’re linking students to opportunities that even my generation could not have imagined.

This week, thousands of students in the ConnectEDU National Network™ accepted our invitation to attend College Week Live – a virtual college fair recently featured on ABC News.

No more circling the convention center for city parking that doesn’t actually exist. No more missing hockey practice and your chance to start because there aren’t two 6pms. No more walking aimlessly up and down endless 200’ aisles to stuff a bag with view books. No more missing the “perfect opportunity” because you live in a rural environment and college fairs don’t make their way to your hometown. No more missing the opportunity to meet a college because you live in Detroit, MI and the perfect college for you is 9 states away but doesn’t come to your high school college fair.

You can leave the car in the garage, hit the ice at 6, and toss your sneakers back in the closet – as long as colleges are using web technology to make the process better for students, we’re bringing it to them virtually and literally every day… and in so doing, leveling the playing field and making the world a little bit flatter.

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