Monday, October 13, 2008

Reducing Budgets by 10K the Green Way

October 13, 2008- ConnectEDU just released a new Green Paper, our version of a white paper but of course with an environmental topic. Yes, marketing’s attempt to be irreverent, but what we learned was pretty serious.

We already knew that college students were motivated by eco-friendly solutions. Just read The Higher Education Resource Institute at UCLA’s Annual Freshman Report, which is now reporting on student perspectives towards the environment (27% believe they should get involved). It’s not a coincidence that campuses across the country are building green dorms, modifying their waste programs, and rethinking their energy sources. Students want change.

What I found most interesting was nestled in the electronic transcript case study on one of our pioneering high schools- Farmington High School in Michigan. If you have visited a busy counseling office in a high school, it’s understandable why departments don’t regularly calculate the cost of sending transcripts. For our Green Paper, we did it for them and found a high school with 300 seniors can spend around $10K (conservative estimate) each year to deliver transcripts with a college application. With over half of their transcripts being delivered electronically in their pilot year, FHS has saved a significant amount of money, not to mention an estimated 21,600 sheets of paper in the process. It’s easy to make an impact in a short amount of time.

The Green Paper can be downloaded at for a snapshot of what our students have to say, and what high schools can do to Go Green.

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