Thursday, October 16, 2008

Invigorated from NACAC

October 16, 2008- With another great NACAC Conference under our belt, we returned from Seattle energized and ready to begin the home stretch for the fall admission cycle. I am pleased to report that the NACAC Conference was a success on several fronts for ConnectEDU. First, it was a lot of fun welcoming several of our new Prep Headquarters high schools to the ConnectEDU family. While in Seattle, we also had the opportunity to speak with many of our Award for Excellence Winners.

Another interesting development that I noted at this year’s conference was the impact that the recent economic downturn is having on high schools and colleges. With serious budget cuts looming and uncertainty in the world of higher education financing, high school counselors are seeking us out wanting to know more about our FREE solution. And, colleges seemed very eager to learn about how ConnectEDU can help them reduce application (i.e. transcript) processing and enrollment marketing expenditures.

And yes, with all of the meetings, presentations, and inspiring conversations I had with our new friends as well as some old friends, I was pretty much sleepless in Seattle. In fact, it’s been pretty sleepless since I returned from Seattle as well. Good stuff happening.

Check out video footage from NACAC

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