Friday, August 29, 2008

Looking Ahead to NACAC in Seattle

August 29, 2008- As we approach another well-deserved Labor Day weekend, I am excited about the chance to catch up with family and friends and spend some time relaxing before we ramp up for what is to be a busy Fall admissions cycle. This particular weekend also reminds me each year that NACAC is right around the corner. This year's conference is sure to be a little different than the first time I stepped in the exhibit hall at NACAC 2005 in Tampa!

As the ConnectEDU National Network™ has continued to expand over the last few years, so has our presence at the Annual NACAC Conference. At this year’s conference in Seattle, nearly 1 out of every 10 attendees is a member of the ConnectEDU National Network. Over 150 institutions from nearly 40 states nationwide will represent our network in Seattle. Some of the pioneers of our network along with members of our expanding senior management team will be on hand. So, whether you are a current member of the network, or would like to learn more about what we are up to at ConnectEDU, feel free to stop by Booth #732 (located directly in front of the NACAC Booth) and say hi to us.

Look forward to seeing you in Seattle!

More information on NACAC 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Big Year Ahead for Electronic Transcripts

August 21, 2008 - You’ve been hearing for a while now that the electronic transcript movement is approaching a “tipping point” in our industry. More high schools and colleges are realizing the numerous benefits associated with streamlining their admission process through the use of innovative technology. Over the last year, we have been preparing for our “tipping point” as our high schools are eager to continue to have colleges in the network to which they can send True Electronic Transcripts™. As well, the 250+ colleges in the ConnectEDU National Network™ are excited to begin receiving transcripts from their feeder high schools and from high schools throughout our network. So in preparation for this “tipping point” we have come prepared to this year’s Fall Admission Cycle.

Last year at this time we were around the 600 high school mark, providing access to higher education for 500,000 Connect! users, and sending thousands of electronic transcripts through our network. Currently, we stand prepared to launch the Fall Admission Cycle with 2,000 high schools – in various stages of deployment - serving 1.1 million students. As our high school network continues to grow and both high schools and colleges become increasingly comfortable with electronic transcript exchange we anticipate a big year ahead. With our newest college partners, we are focused on providing them with a volume of transcripts that is digestible and that allows them to understand the impact of receiving actual data vs. PDF or paper transcripts. For our “veteran” colleges, they control their destiny relative to the number of transcripts they can expect as they build out their networks with their high school and community college partners.

Good times ahead …

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Picture Says a Thousand Words...

August 11, 2008- This summer, you may have noticed a neat new feature on our web site. If you haven’t had a chance, check out the new ConnectEDU National Network™ interactive map. This new map provides you with a snapshot of our network growth at ConnectEDU. Thanks to a neat Google Maps application, this growth is illustrated through a fun and interactive timeline.

With this new feature, we show you the location of each and every high school and college that is a part of the network. In just a quick glance at this map, you are able to observe our continued penetration into New England, the Midwest and Alabama, as well as growth in new states such as Texas, California, and Colorado. More importantly, this map illustrates our clear message to colleges from the time we launched the Connect! platform in 2002 - when college partners come on board and actively participate in the collaborative effort to bring high schools in their service area into the network – results are achieved. The visual relationship between high school aggregation and college partner location is clearly exemplified in the interactive map.

We will continue to update the interactive map on a quarterly basis … stay tuned and watch as we continue to grow!

January 1, 2007- High School Network

July 1, 2008- High School Network

For more information, check out the entire ConnectEDU National Network.