Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shareholders Excited About Accelerated Growth

July 29, 2008- I was thrilled to welcome nearly 60% of our shareholders to the ConnectEDU Annual Shareholder’s Meeting held Thursday, July 24th at the Ritz-Carlton in Boston. Our half-day meeting and discussion focused on a recap of the last 12 months, and provided our shareholders with an overview of the accelerated growth we are experiencing in the following areas:

1) Our Senior Management Team which now includes:

  • Jane Lockett, Senior Vice President of Customer Operations

  • Frank Vastola, Senior Vice President of College Sales

  • Rick Bradanese, Vice President, Finance

  • Gary Southard, Vice President of Technology

  • Katie Drew-Adams, Vice President of Human Resources

  • LeAnn Coe, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

  • Sheri Meyer, Vice President of High School Services

2) The ConnectEDU National Network™ which now includes over 200 colleges and 2,000 high schools – the largest “going-to-college-to-career” network in the country… up from just 55 colleges and 600 high schools a year ago.

3) The ConnectEDU product line which now includes both Connect! and Prep Headquarters - together making up the most comprehensive network in the industry serving high schools, colleges, employers and data partners and offering college, curriculum, financial aid, and career planning tools for students, families and counselors as well as electronic document exchange and targeted enrollment marketing for colleges and universities.

The team received a great deal of positive feedback from our shareholders, a group of folks engaged in our mission and excited by the accelerated growth that we have enjoyed at ConnectEDU over the last twelve months. As I left this year’s meeting, I couldn’t help but be inspired in knowing that our goal to ensure that all families have the resources they need to maximize their post-high school opportunities is shared by an excited and committed group of shareholders. Always fun to watch the progress!

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