Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Keep Movin' The Needle

July 8, 2008- For those of you who have followed our growth at ConnectEDU, you have realized that momentum builds fast around here – real fast. The 2008 fiscal year has been no different. In a short time, the Connect! National Network™ has grown to become the nation’s largest integrated data bridge between secondary and post-secondary educational institutions.

As we wrap up this current admissions cycle, allow me to provide you with an update on the network’s progress over the past year.

From July 07 – June 08, ConnectEDU welcomed over 500 new high schools to the network, including nearly 200 high schools in Q2 alone - an average of over 40 new high schools a month! The growth of the network has included expansion in existing states such as Missouri, Maine, Michigan, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont and Massachusetts as well as penetration into new markets such as Alabama, Illinois, Kansas, Ohio, California, Texas, and South Carolina. In Alabama, we became the largest college planning tool for high schools in just 3 months – adding over 50 high schools in that timeframe.

On the college side, over 160 colleges joined the Connect! National Network during the last year at an average of over 13 new colleges per month. Now, with over 200 colleges and 1,000 high schools nationwide, our network of over 400,000 students, counselors, parents, admissions officers and transfer advisors are actively changing the way college admission is processed in this country.

Congratulations to all involved in movin’ the needle this past fiscal year … we have big expectations as we begin the 2008-2009 admissions cycle.

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