Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today’s Parent- A Student’s Support Beam

June 12, 2008- I recently attended Brown University’s Hall of Fame Induction Dinner, an event that honors the achievements of Brown’s most successful student-athletes. As I sat and listened to each new inductee address the crowd, there was a theme that continued to emerge- these successful student-athletes were most thankful for the unconditional support that their parents provided them throughout their lives; and in particular during the formative years of high school and college.

I found this theme to be very encouraging – for it served as an important reminder to all the parents and future parents at the Awards Dinner. This group of inductees - CEO’s, Managing Directors, Actors, Community Leaders, Professional Athletes - were all highly successful human beings. In most cases they indicated that they had propelled themselves to a higher standard of living than the reflections of their childhood indicated. And to the inductee they were most thankful for the essential ingredient to which they attributed their success – the SUPPORT that they received from their parents!

In a time when parents are adjusting to a changing and challenging college admission landscape, tuition prices are skyrocketing, and the competition seems unbearable, it is easy to blur the lines of pressure and support. If there was one consistent theme from this group of successful students and, now adults, it was that the unconditional, non-judgmental SUPPORT they received from their parents had propelled them to reach amazing heights!

Refreshing to see … thank you, mom and dad! Happy Father’s Day!

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