Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Success Stories to Come in Michigan

June 24, 2008- In just a short time since the launch of the Connect! Network in Michigan, we have already begun to see steady progress from both our college and high school partners. This past academic year (07-08) was the first full academic year that implementation, training and document exchange were in full swing throughout Michigan. As the school year now comes to a close, we decided to examine some of the early impacts of Connect! in Michigan.

As a reference point, Connect! is the college, curriculum and career planning tool being used at 20% of the state’s high schools, by nearly 500 counselors, servicing over 129,000 students. We have 14 college partners in Michigan including the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Eastern Michigan University, Northern Michigan University, Oakland University, and Henry Ford Community College.

To measure our top performing high schools in Michigan, we assessed the schools based on their outcomes to date - # of curriculum plans created, # of college lists researched, and # of electronic transcripts delivered. Currently, Allen Park High School tops the list for the most curriculum plans created in Connect! Troy High School leads the pack with the most college lists researched, and Farmington High School has sent more electronic transcripts through Connect! than any other high school in the state.

As the Michigan network continues to expand, we applaud the progressive institutions that have led this “revolutionary” change in the way that students, parents, and counselors experience the college planning process. Michigan partners no longer are “imagining” a paperless admission process – rather they are making it happen every day. This collaborative effort taking place in Michigan represents the first data bridge between high schools and higher education.

Congratulations to all our high school leaders in Michigan – in particular to the Top Connect! High Schools – Farmington High School, North Farmington High School, Troy High School, and Lakeview High School who achieved top 10 status for each education outcome in Connect!


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