Friday, June 6, 2008

CDU Continues to Grow in Maine

June 6, 2008- The state motto of Maine is Dirigo – which is Latin for “I lead”. According to, “prior to the New Deal, Republicans claimed, ‘As Maine goes, so goes the nation.’” Based on our recent momentum in the Pine Tree State, I certainly am looking forward to what is to come this year in a state that may serve to be a model for other states in our network.

The Connect! Network in Maine - a network already consisting of partnerships with state and non-profit organizations, over 60 high schools, including all Gear Up high schools, just got a big boost as the seven institutions of the University of Maine System have joined the Connect! National Network ™. Read more about the recent announcement.

We welcome the University of Maine System and thank all those who have worked hard to build the infrastructure for success in Maine. Dirigo!


jackspar said...

Its my duty to thank everyone who work for this progress. I wish everyone to contribute for the future progresses.


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george said...

This is just the beginining, Find your local Campaign for Change office and find out how you can join the movement and get involved in bringing change to Michigan.
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