Monday, May 12, 2008

Students Go Green

May 12, 2008- Today, we launched the greenest version of Connect! to date, to expand upon our eco-friendly web solutions. Along with our students, we are committed to building GREENER ADMISSIONS.

GreenConnect! has been released in conjunction with the launch of, a resource for students interested in taking action to encourage GREENER ADMISSIONS. Connect!’s new greener admissions rating system lets students know which colleges are converting to paperless admissions and which have yet to join the network. A link to lets students tell colleges they want them to convert.

Although Connect! is a secure member-based network, is a public site available to all students who want to encourage paperless admissions. Students not yet integrated with Connect! can petition their high school administrators to get Connect! at no charge. With Connect!, they get a comprehensive curriculum, college and career planning solution… all online. When they want to learn about colleges, they do it electronically. When they want to apply, they do it electronically. It’s the first step in eliminating the quarter billion pieces of paper processed in college admissions each year.

To celebrate the 1,000 high schools that have gone green over the past two years by implementing Connect!, ConnectEdu is replacing 1,000 trees. Our donation to The Nature Conservancy will continue to grow as our network grows. When a high school or college joins the Connect! National Network™, based on a student request through, we will make a donation to plant a seed. Join us in changing the way students approach college admissions.

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