Friday, May 30, 2008

Fresh New Web Site at ConnectEDU

May 30, 2008- If you hadn’t noticed already this week, our corporate web site has been given a facelift. As I am sure you will appreciate, the new Web 2.0 design and functionality clearly moves us forward and allows us to provide timely, easy to access information on ConnectEdu services while also having some fun and looking sharp in the process.

With the launch of this new site, I am excited for a few reasons-

  • Our partners voices are heard -the folks we serve (i.e. students, high school counselors, admissions officers, transfer advisors, employers) tell the story about what Connect! can do

  • Our success stories are growing - success stories continue to multiply as the network grows (i.e. check out that ticker on the home page) and our partners at the high school, college and community college levels work together to help improve the college admissions process for students and their families

Whether you are a college bound student, a high school counselor, a college admissions officer, or a human resources director, our new site will get you started learning about ConnectEdu. You will continue to find valuable resources and tools about our services which will help make your life easier. We will also be introducing more interactive features along the way that let you get involved as we collaborate to make the college and career transition process more efficient. I encourage you to check out the site ( If you have suggestions for us as we move forward further developing the new site, don’t hesitate to email us at

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