Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The World is Your Classroom

November 6, 2007- When I think back to my own education, much of what I have learned relative to leadership, character, relationship building and determination was the result of numerous “out-of-classroom” experiences. Whether it was speech & debate, student government, or athletics, the student, the entrepreneur and the person that I am today was largely shaped by opportunities that were not part of my core academic curriculum.

With the latest release of Connect! v.5.0, we introduced C!Opp- a new feature that exposes students to “out-of-classroom” educational opportunities directly through Connect!. These opportunities range from leadership to study abroad to service learning programs. C!Opp is designed to broaden horizons, introduce new opportunities, and show students that the world is their classroom.

In addition, C!Opp was designed to insure that overworked counselors or underfunded guidance departments still have the ability to introduce their students to a variety of fantastic learning opportunities, each of which has a high correlation to college-bound rates. We are open to suggestions with C!Opp, so if you know of an “out-of-classroom” program that provides students with fantastic experiences, please let us know.