Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ludlow High School – A Connect! Model High School

October 23, 2007- The Register, a weekly newspaper in Western Massachusetts, ran a great article earlier this week featuring Ludlow High School and their utilization of Connect!. In the article, Ludlow High School’s Director of Guidance Arlene Tierney and Counselor Linda Duame point out several of the key benefits that both the high school and the students are experiencing with Connect!:

-It’s Comprehensive… tracking of the entire college process for counselors to monitor student’s progress across each step of their college/ career planning

-Free… which allowed Ludlow to end the contract with a similar solution that was charging them $1,000 per year

It’s great because we’re saving money for our school, and it’s also cost-saving for students, too,” said Tierney.

-Simplification of the process itself… user-friendly service that allows students convenient access at both school and home

“The entire registration process for each student is simple. It’s a two-part process, and it only takes about 15 minutes,” said Duame.

-Utilization… their kids are using Connect! and are already sending out college applications, and by the end of the school year all students will be registered

We have only 49 seniors and 41 juniors left that need to complete registration,” said Duame.

-Service… the Guidance Department at Ludlow High has taken advantage of free service and training from their CDU Account Manager and has been provided with “excellent technological service

-Growth… the Connect! Network™ continues to expand both in New England and throughout the country providing students at Ludlow, with more opportunities

“Although ConnectEdu is a fairly young company, it is expanding rapidly, grabbing the attention of many school systems throughout New England,” said Tierney and Duame.

Read the full story in The Register

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