Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Connect! Counselors Sending 200+ Transcripts and Letters of Recommendation Daily

October 31, 2007- While the college admissions cycle for Fall 2007 is just beginning and applications are just starting to flow, CDU has already processed documents to nearly 508 different colleges/universities. Connect! high schools are, on average, sending 200+ transcripts and letters of recommendation DAILY!

Check out the full list of colleges/universities that our high schools are sending documents to today.

If you are a college on this list and you are not registered for C!Doc – our FREE electronic transcript and letter of recommendation solution – we would encourage you to make the lives of HS counselors and students everywhere much easier by getting your institution registered.

You can register by going to: Once you have arrived at the link, follow the 3 Simple Steps that are described. If you need assistance, email– –and a ConnectEdu Account Manager will assist you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ludlow High School – A Connect! Model High School

October 23, 2007- The Register, a weekly newspaper in Western Massachusetts, ran a great article earlier this week featuring Ludlow High School and their utilization of Connect!. In the article, Ludlow High School’s Director of Guidance Arlene Tierney and Counselor Linda Duame point out several of the key benefits that both the high school and the students are experiencing with Connect!:

-It’s Comprehensive… tracking of the entire college process for counselors to monitor student’s progress across each step of their college/ career planning

-Free… which allowed Ludlow to end the contract with a similar solution that was charging them $1,000 per year

It’s great because we’re saving money for our school, and it’s also cost-saving for students, too,” said Tierney.

-Simplification of the process itself… user-friendly service that allows students convenient access at both school and home

“The entire registration process for each student is simple. It’s a two-part process, and it only takes about 15 minutes,” said Duame.

-Utilization… their kids are using Connect! and are already sending out college applications, and by the end of the school year all students will be registered

We have only 49 seniors and 41 juniors left that need to complete registration,” said Duame.

-Service… the Guidance Department at Ludlow High has taken advantage of free service and training from their CDU Account Manager and has been provided with “excellent technological service

-Growth… the Connect! Network™ continues to expand both in New England and throughout the country providing students at Ludlow, with more opportunities

“Although ConnectEdu is a fairly young company, it is expanding rapidly, grabbing the attention of many school systems throughout New England,” said Tierney and Duame.

Read the full story in The Register

Friday, October 19, 2007

Connect! v.5.0 Offers a Solution that States Have Been Waiting For

October 19, 2007- On a recent trip to the Midwest, I met with state education officials and educational professionals both from public and private schools (high school and post secondary). After a great discussion with the group, a couple of the attendees tracked me down in the hallway. They wanted to discuss the comprehensive nature of Connect!, and specifically they were curious if Connect! was simply college focused or if it included an integrated (automated coordination with the HS’s Student Information Management System) COLLEGE AND CAREER solution.

So as I stood there listening to their questions and their reasons for why such a solution was needed, I was unable to hold back the grin on my face. Not only were they exactly right, but we had just deployed Connect! v5.0 that morning.

With the release of Connect! v5.0 (this past Monday) - we have marked a new path in providing high school students, parents and counselors with a comprehensive, integrated Career and College Planning solution. As our CTO stated at our internal ‘release party’, “Our team has ventured to boldly go where no organization has gone before when it comes to providing students with a comprehensive college and career planning solution. Our curriculum guide and its interconnectivity to the high school student information system, careers, college majors, as well as actual college and employer profiles is a first step in answering the age old question facing young people – ‘Just what the heck does this class have to do with the rest of my life?’ … and a darn good first step, I might add.”

The tireless efforts of the CDU design and development team, coupled with the direct feedback from our high school advisory board and beta schools, has resulted in an innovative solution to help students, families, and counselors make education and career transitions in a thoughtful, integrated manner.

In v.5.0, students are able to create curriculum plans to map out the courses they plan to take at their high school based on graduation requirements and incorporated transcript data. In addition to being able to track their progress relative to graduation requirements and their curriculum plan, students are able to map their curriculum plan to one of over 300+ careers that are now included in Connect! and over 150 majors that may lead to those careers.

We even added information on over 27,000 employers so that students can research the organizations that specialize in their areas of interest.

In addition, the normalization of high school curriculums and course guides provides our college partners with a unique opportunity to begin to normalize plans of study across multiple high schools as they make admissions decisions … further leveling the college access playing field!

For counselors and parents, v.5.0 provides the tools necessary to engage your students and begin to develop and complete their “road map” to success!

Kudos to our design, development and advisory teams for producing a solution that is sure to change our industry as we continue to help families navigate both college and career transitions.

For more information on Connect! v.5.0 call us at 888-887-8380.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What a Difference a Year Can Make NACAC 07

October 10, 2007- NACAC 2007 lived up to the hype as both NACAC and the City of Austin were great hosts for this year’s annual conference. While in Austin, I was thrilled to see the number of current partners that stopped by to see us at the booth or came out for the CDU Late Night. It was great to spend time with our current partners as well as have numerous discussions with those looking to join the Connect! Network.

NACAC for me is about these relationships – rekindling the old and getting acquainted with the new as well as spending time with our own field based team. As Connect! spreads from state to state and provides more access to higher education than ever before, our relationships with our partners (counselors and admission officers) are at the core of our organization.

Over 300% More Visits to Connect!

October 4, 2007- Numbers, as you know, can be used to serve many purposes and are often manipulated and inflated in our industry. But when accurate, numbers can tell a story. At ConnectEdu, we have experienced incredible growth over the last 12 months … and not all of this growth can be captured in numbers, but let me give it a shot:

•From 75 high schools to over 1,000
•From 15,000 registered students to over 500,000
•From 15 employees to 75+
•From 1,000 recurring visitors per day to nearly 7,000

During the middle of last week alone, we experienced a 300% increase in the number of daily visits.

ConnectEdu is no longer the new kid on the block in the college admissions process. More and more, high schools, colleges and community colleges are joining our network and deploying a better, more streamlined way to manage the “going to college” process. The numbers are one thing, but the real story is in the opportunity to help so many more students realize their goals!