Thursday, September 13, 2007

NACAC Sure To Be Productive … as well as A Good Time

September 13, 2007- The ConnectEdu team is looking forward to this year’s NACAC Conference in Austin, Texas. With only two weeks until the conference kicks off, the team has a number of exciting announcements and product updates in store for release at the conference in addition to a robust calendar of events. Attendees have already received their pre-conference invitations. For those of you that are loyal blog subscribers, check out CDU’s planned activities including our Thursday presentation, CDU Late Night, and more:

ConnectEdu Schedule at NACAC 2007

For the real, “double secret probation” announcements, call my phone and present the “secret password” … then I’ll let you in on the secrets. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at NACAC.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ConnectEdu Makes Electronic Documents Available to High Schools, Community Colleges and Colleges…For Free

September 11, 2007- That’s right, re-read that headline…ConnectEdu is making the transmission of electronic transcripts and letters of recommendation available to high schools, community colleges and colleges – FOR FREE. Consistent with our ongoing belief that the transmission of PDF transcripts is of limited value by comparison to our ability to more effectively connect (no pun intended) students and colleges as well as transmitting XML or EDI documents, we have decided to make signing onto our electronic document transmission network a NO BRAINER.

We are calling this new electronic document exchange product – C!Doc. (We voted and the team liked it…should have seen some of the other suggestions.) At any rate, if you are an authorized recipient of electronic documents at your college and would like to register to begin receiving PDF transcripts and letters of recommendation call 888-887-8380 to initiate the registration and download process. Keep in mind that we will require a verification process to insure that you are indeed an authorized recipient for your college.

This is a big move in the development of transcript exchange networks. High schools, colleges and state governments that have been paying for document exchange networks- come on over, you’re welcome here and the price is right!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Looking Forward to Speaking with Presidents at the CNCTYC Conference

September 7, 2007- I am looking forward to following up my CNCTYC Summer Academy presentation in Santa Fe with the CNCTYC group at the Traverse City, Michigan conference next week. ConnectEdu and CNCTYC (Council of North Central Two-Year Colleges) have kicked off a national discussion regarding the deployment of a new service model for Transfer Student Advisement including the provision of course articulation information to students.

As the community college environment focuses on strengthening transfer advisement programs and developing effective course equivalency systems, ConnectEdu is proud to be a comprehensive partner with community colleges in addressing these needs. Each year, there are 6 million community college students that indicate they desire to complete undergraduate, four-year degrees, yet only 750,000 students move onto four-year institutions. There is a clear opportunity to positively impact the college access discussion by providing transfer advisors with better service models, scalable guidance platforms, comprehensive transfer preparation resources and effective course equivalency solutions. We are certainly looking forward to moving the discussion into action with our CNCTYC Partners.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Colleges Throughout the Midwest Join Connect! This Summer

September 5, 2007- While the rest of the country was away enjoying their summer vacation (myself included), the ConnectEdu College Partnerships Team was busy registering College Partners across the United States. In particular, it is the tremendous traction that the team has achieved throughout the Midwest that has captured my attention – perhaps it’s the Midwesterner in me! At any rate, the University of Iowa, University of Kansas, Kansas State University, Johnson County Community College (KS), Oakland University (MI), Lindenwood University (MO), and Henry Ford Community College (MI) have all joined the Connect! Network this summer.

From four-year to two-year colleges, large public universities to small private colleges, our partners in the Midwest are deploying Connect! and demonstrating the value of the Connect! Network- from electronic data exchange to improved student relationship development. Best of all, the going-to-college process for students throughout the Midwest is becoming a lot easier with Connect!