Thursday, August 30, 2007

High School Pipeline Bulging- More to Come!

August 30, 2007- The ConnectEdu high school pipeline is bulging with schools planning to deploy Connect! in conjunction with the back-to-school season. The account management and client services teams are working overtime to provide these high schools with the implementation and training support that they need to be successful this fall. The current pipeline of Connect! high schools will add an additional 141,028, college-bound, 9th-12th grade students to the current 500,000+ students engaged in the Connect! Network. And while the CDU account management and client services teams are busy getting these high schools implemented and trained, the ConnectEdu high school account executive team is busy signing up more high schools to deploy Connect!.

ConnectEdu’s account executive team has projected that an additional 187,688 college-bound, 9th-12th grade students will join the Connect! Network based on the current pipeline of high schools planning to register and deploy Connect!before Nov. 1st. Needless to say, it has been a busy summer and promises to be an even busier fall at ConnectEdu.

We couldn’t be having more fun … and it feels like it has just begun!

Several New Faces Join the ConnectEdu Team

August 30, 2007- ConnectEdu has added six new members to our team over the course of the past month. The new team members include Frank Vastola, Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Sarah Franey, High School Account Executive, Ed Jedlicka, High School Account Manager, Matt Walsh, High School Account Executive, Ann Friedrich, College Partnerships Director, and Patrick Hughes, College Partnerships Director. We are excited to have the newest members of the ConnectEdu team on board and are looking forward to having them positively impact our growth and service to our partners.

These folks join ConnectEdu after having had successful careers as college admissions directors and/or high school college counselors. In fact, this marks the first time that two former Connect! users have joined the ConnectEdu team. Both Ed Jedlicka and Sarah Franey join ConnectEdu after having deployed Connect! into their schools as high school guidance counselors. Their understanding of the pressures facing high school college counselors and first hand knowledge of how Connect! can be used to assist counselors with their administrative burdens, allowing them to spend more time with students, will be invaluable to our current and future high school partners. Welcome to the new members of the team!

Friday, August 10, 2007

ConnectEdu Sends XML Transcript Files Into Banner SIS Platform

August 10, 2007- Right on schedule for this fall's admission season, ConnectEdu has successfully completed integrations with our newest college partners, including several using Oracle's Peoplesoft SIS and SunGard Higher Education's Banner SIS.

Banner is the latest SIS platform that the ConnectEdu technology team has integrated for our college partners. In addition to already receiving pdf transcripts and recommendation letters, these fully-integrated college partners are now receiving these documents as XML data into their SIS directly from high schools and community colleges. ConnectEdu and its progressive college partners are streamlining the process and setting the standard for paperless admissions.

Kudos to the ConnectEdu integration team and our College Partners using the SunGard Higher Education’s Banner SIS platform.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Folks Are Beginning To Take Notice

August 7, 2007- This weekend in the Detroit News, ConnectEdu’s partnership with the Detroit Public Schools was applauded for its role in strengthening the academic connections between high school students and higher education opportunities.

Tyrone Winfrey, Chair of the Detroit School Board’s Academic Achievement Committee, cited the progress of ConnectEdu in an article examining the candidates running for the Detroit School Board. Winfrey was quoted as saying:

“But incumbents like Tyrone Winfrey, 48, who works in the admissions office at the University of Michigan, said the district already is strengthening academics and his experience with the university and private schools will continue to be an asset. Winfrey, who chairs the board’s academic achievement committee, points to new DPS programs like ConnectEdu, where high school seniors can apply to more than 4,000 colleges and universities.”

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