Friday, April 6, 2007

It Was Great to Be Back Home

April 6, 2007- My recent trip to Missouri and my hometown of Maryville provided me with a chance to enjoy some time with family (albeit brief). While in my home state, I had the opportunity to talk to folks in St. Joseph, both at KQ2-TV and at the St. Joseph News-Press, about the great things that are happening as more high schools in Northwest Missouri join the Connect! Network each week. In fact, Missouri high schools this spring have connected at an average of 10 schools per week. We now have nearly 100 high schools and expect to close the school year with over 200 high schools participating throughout the state.

For the first time, high school students in the state are connected to institutions of higher education across Missouri via a secure, online network to communicate, exchange data and simplify the entire “going to college” process. The momentum at high schools in Missouri that we’ve achieved in less than a year far surpasses the utilization of the state-mandated solutions in North Carolina and Indiana, for example, that have been implemented for much longer periods. Kudos to our ConnectEdu team in Missouri!

Click here to read the article from the St. Joseph News-Press.

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