Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ConnectEdu and Michigan- Only Case Study Presentation at Annual PESC Conference that Highlighted PESC XML Capability

April 25, 2007- I wanted to take a few minutes to congratulate both the ConnectEdu and University of Michigan development teams on their recent case study presentation at the Annual PESC Conference. From what I understand, the team did a fantastic job of walking everyone through the process by which Connect! is delivering EDI transcripts directly into Michigan’s Student Information System. With Connect!, we support both PESC XML, currently being utilized with Michigan State University, and EDI. The CDU/Michigan teams also explained the process by which ConnectEdu and the University of Michigan are automating the recalculation of applicant grade point averages and the matching of applicant data. This partnership is saving the University of Michigan nearly $20 per applicant in processing and data entry costs that simply do not exist anymore – POWERFUL!

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