Wednesday, March 7, 2007

What Happens In Vegas Stays in Vegas... I Hope Not!

March 7, 2007- A few weeks back I had the opportunity to participate in the National Association of Secondary School Principals Conference out at the Las Vegas Convention Center. With over 2,500 high school principals from all parts of the country gathered to discuss the prevalent issues facing them, I hope that their challenges and strategies for addressing those challenges do not as they say “stay in Vegas”.

Several things came to light at the NASSP Conference including:

College planning and matriculation are becoming a community concern in many school districts.

Principals are increasingly focused on the need to track and measure student retention and success.

It is clear that the technology available to high schools is not matched with the training and support tools needed for our teachers.

First off, the lack of support in the “going to college” process is not a Midwest, an East Coast, or a Mid-Atlantic concern – it is a national concern. As we continually heard at the NASSP Conference, our high school principals are looking for a solution that offers both user-friendly technology and, more importantly, the personal guidance necessary to work with students, parents and counselors as they navigate the college admissions process - a process that presents too many barriers, detours and roadblocks. At ConnectEdu, we understand that the technology behind our web solution is only part of the answer to the issues these principals face. Our dedicated team, many former counselors and education administrators themselves are working with high schools on a daily basis to help tackle the issues discussed in Las Vegas. As each principal we met took the next step to implement Connect! at their high school, it was obvious why they embraced our solution. They want to simplify the process for everyone involved, reduce the administrative burden, and help their guidance counselors return to the art of counseling.

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