Thursday, March 8, 2007

Sometimes They Just Say It Better – “A Story From The Road”

Mary O’Malley (ConnectEdu Account Manager, Missouri)

March 9, 2007- There’s nothing better than coming into the office in the morning, popping on my computer and reading about our folks, in concert with an engaged college counselor making a difference. These “stories from the road” not only warm my heart, but they also serve as reminders as to why single-point solutions are limited and simply do not work in the education marketplace.

E-mail Transcript (3.8.07 – 9:38AM) from Mary O’Malley – Account Manager, Missouri – to CDU team members:

Hi all,

Yesterday, I was able to see Connect! up front, live and making a difference in the life of a junior at Adair R II High School in Brashear, MO. It was absolutely amazing. I had a wonderful, wonderful workshop with the junior class. Since students may not have internet at home, we spent some time letting them do the interview during training. One student, who has had his heart set on UMKC, immediately pulled up the profile from his matches after the interview and was stunned. He had never thought that there were requirements for admission and quickly realized his foreign language wasn’t up to snuff (1.5 years instead of 2 or 3) for admission to UMKC. He was able to pull his counselor over to his computer, have a quick talk about it, and, by the time we were done training, he was mapping out a plan so he could take a language class to prepare for admission to UMKC.

It was wonderful. Thanks for letting me be a part of this.


Aside from the emotional high this email brings, Mary’s story also stresses the need for a "big picture" college planning solution - not a limited, one-sided offering found in transcript delivery tools or isolated college search engines.

In this situation, the student would definitely have benefited from having Connect! much earlier in his college planning. Despite the detour, because of Connect! he still has time to make the necessary changes to reach his goal of attending UMKC.

It's amazing to me that although he set his goal years ago, he had no path to follow to get him there. There was no comprehensive college planning solution available to him...until Connect! Now, with plentiful resources and concise information, his counselor was able to point him in the right direction and will now help empower the next generation of college-bound students.

But what if his introduction to Connect! never happened?

I'm sure he would have searched for UMKC's deadlines and online application on one of the many website out there. I'm sure his transcript would have been delivered securely like so many solutions say they do. But I'm also sure he would have received a denial letter. I'm sure his dreams would have been shattered. I'm sure he would have fallen through the cracks. That's why my team built Connect! - to make sure no one falls through the cracks...ever. We hope you'll join us if you feel the same way.

Mary, nice work… keep it up…and, thank you for caring and sharing!

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