Monday, March 26, 2007

Some Really Passionate Folks...and "yes" it's FREE

March 26, 2007- I initially debated a few different titles for this entry- "It's All About the Relationships," and "Kudos for Katie" both of which seemed very appropriate. Ultimately, I settled on "Some Really Passionate Folks... and 'yes' it's FREE", but more on this after you've had the opportunity to read the email below that was forwarded to me by Chad Schaedler, our Senior Regional Director for New England.

From: Regan, Barbara
Sent: Friday, March 23, 2007 2:24 PM
To: Chad Schaedler

Hello Mr. Schaedler: I wanted to take the opportunity to compliment one of your employees. I received an email from Katie Jordan about ConnectEdu, and through emails and phone conversations I determined that I wanted to find out more about this program. Katie answered every question I had and was very patient with my comments of "Are you sure this is free?" about every minute. She came to our school to do a presentation about the program, and we were very impressed with her. She did an informative presentation and was again very patient with our questions and comments. I have to say that she truly was the determining factor in our decision to join the ConnectEdu family!

Bet Regan/Guidance Counselor/Hull High School

Katie’s commitment to Barbara and the ConnectEdu mission are symbolic of the type of organization that we are focused on building at ConnectEdu. Our team is committed to developing deep, supportive relationships with our partner high schools, community colleges and colleges. In addition, we are passionate about reaching as many counselors as we can to deploy our solution so that in turn they can spend more time practicing the art of counseling.

On some occasions our emails and phone calls may be interpreted as “pestering” or “pushy.” But please remember, our folks are so darn persistent because they care about helping counselors assist more students with the "going-to-college process".

Congratulations Katie! And welcome Barbara and Hull High School to the Connect! Network™ and ConnectEdu family.

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