Wednesday, March 7, 2007

It’s Electric – A Great Article on Electronic Transcripts … And the Differences Between ConnectEdu and Xap Are Significant

March 7, 2007 -Ann McClure of University Business published a timely article on the 5th outlining the electronic transcript movement that is sweeping throughout high schools, community colleges and colleges. If you had a chance to walk the exhibit floor at AACRAO, I’m sure you noticed the electronic transcript theme. Click here to read the article and you’ll see that McClure nicely summarizes an overview of the electronic transcript movement and the two leading solution providers – Xap and ConnectEdu.

McClure also clearly defines the differences between scanning and scraping technology versus actual receipt of electronic documents, something that distinguishes us from the rest. It’s worth noting that ConnectEdu integrates with both imaging systems as well as dropping data directly into Student Information Systems. In fact, through our partnership with the University of Michigan we are actually delivering transcripts into both their ImageNow platform as well as their PeopleSoft platform. Not only are we “capable” of doing it like you hear from competitors, we are doing it today...with great results. Ted Spencer, Associate Vice Provost & Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions at the University of Michigan, during a University Business Virtual Roundtable this past January said,

"We're particularly excited about a new partnership with ConnectEdu that will allow us to receive electronic transcripts and letters of recommendation that will go directly into our student information system not PDFs that go into our imaging system. We think this is the direction admissions will go in the future as we transition from a paper-based process to an image and data process, to strictly a data process over the next five to 10 years. There is so much you can do to manage your admissions process better and to analyze retention when you have data in your student information system."

With the data captured in electronic format, we can translate the information into multiple formats (.PDF, XML, EDI, etc.). It’s electric!

As the electronic transcript debate heats up, you’ll be reading about the differences between Xap and ConnectEdu. Just ask our national flagship universities why they partner with us, even after they’ve invested in Xap mentor systems. If you’re interested in helping students make the best choices without limits, we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our solution and show you the results.

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