Monday, February 26, 2007

ConnectEdu Welcomes AACRAO to Boston

February 26, 2007 - We are excited to be hosting a number of our clients and potential clients in Boston for the Annual AACRAO conference this week. This year's conference will certainly provide an exciting venue for the exchange of new ideas and generate discussion on emerging trends. We are looking forward to participating in several discussions surrounding our ability to deliver XML transcripts, letters of recommendation, essays and financial aid documents to the SIS platforms of colleges and universities.

If you are planning to attend AACRAO, and would like to participate in any of our exciting events including the CDU Late Night at Excelsior or the drawing to win a Red Sox Trip later this year, stop by booth #609 for more information.

To RSVP for the CDU Late Night, contact Daryl Slater at

I look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Show-Me State Shows the Way

ConnectEdu's True Electronic Transcripts™ and Direct Data Partnerships Will Save Missouri Colleges Millions in Unnecessary Processing Costs

February 21, 2007 - I couldn't be prouder of my home state of Missouri and our progressive partners that are focused on improving the "going-to- college" process for students, counselors, parents and admissions officers. Earlier today, we announced a data integration with SIS K-12 and STI-K12 to seamlessly integrate Connect! for our collective partner high schools. (Click to read release) SIS K-12 and STI-K12 account for 80% of the high schools in Missouri, representing over 580 high schools that will be able to move data into Connect! with the click of a button. Once fully deployed throughout the state, this seamless integration of high school SIS systems and Connect!’s industry leading position as THE ONLY XML transcript delivery platform available to colleges will result in cost savings of $10.9M to Missouri colleges and universities.

Our ability to deliver transcripts seamlessly and effortlessly from high school student information systems directly into college partner information systems will improve and expedite the college admissions process for Missouri students and admissions officers. In addition, Connect!’s ability to automate the recalculation of GPA’s, transcript receipt notifications and the delivery of actual data points into college SIS platforms will save our College Partners $14-$25 per transcript. (See our College Partner white paper to understand the analysis that supports this cost savings.)

Now using our data integration with SIS K-12 and STI-K12, high schools will be able to deploy Connect! with no set-up time and update student records at the push of a button. Life just got that much easier for Connect! high schools in Missouri. This year, students in Missouri will apply to an average of 8 colleges and send their transcripts to these colleges 3-4 times on average costing the colleges between $14-$25 (per transcript) in processing expenses. Based on our current implementations, Missouri colleges and universities will save $4.5 million dollars, which is by all means a conservative estimate. With Connect!'s data network, the burden of unnecessary transcript processing expenses has been eliminated.

These are exciting times for students, counselors and college partners in Missouri!

Monday, February 19, 2007

A Great Week for Standards- We Couldn't Be More Excited!

February 19, 2007-This past week was a great week for the standardization of K-12 and post-secondary data systems. The announced agreement between the Post Secondary Education Standards Council (PESC) and the Schools Interoperability Framework Association (SIFA) to generate standards and specifications to enable interoperability among education software solutions should dramatically advance the movement of seamless data exchange from high schools to community colleges and colleges. ConnectEdu applauds this initiative on behalf of students. We are committed to working with high schools that utilize the SIF standard.

Today, ConnectEdu is seamlessly extracting data from numerous high school SIS platforms and translating data into the PESC standard for delivery to post-secondary institutions. As SIFA gains traction amongst high schools, it will provide our partner high schools a more streamlined integration with the Connect! platform relative to the way in which we currently extract/exchange data with high schools.

In fact, we are actively soliciting partner high schools that would like to develop a secure data exchange process using our Connect! platform and the SIF standard. In the meantime, we’ll continue to securely extract and share data with our high school partners in the formats that they desire. We’ll keep you posted as our partners join us in this standards movement.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Sometimes They Just Say It Better...High School and College Partners Speak Out

February 6, 2007- In the midst of announcing our exciting partnership with the Council of North Central Two-Year Colleges (CNCTYC), a local NBC affiliate in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan was running a story on our high school and college partners in the region. As I've come to understand, once again our high school and college partner's best described the benefits that Connect! provides to both them and their students.